Make a visual browsing experience for 80 different plug-ins, over five different host applications.

My Role:

UX design, content design, creation and management.

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With almost 80 plugins within the Red Giant Universe product line, customers felt a disconnect in knowing what products they owned and what these products do. Preset content was often browsed via pop-up menus with no visual context.

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I designed over 1200 preset files with corresponding thumbnails and videos, creating a visual experience for the user.  The thumbnail imagery details the various effects and what they do: transitions, stylization, text, etc. Much of the preset JSON data had to be manually or batch edited for a better user experience, e.g. not overwriting commonly adjusted parameters when loading a preset.


Design a new panel showcasing each section of Universe, with thumbnail images and videos for each product, as well as for each preset. Maintain consistency with marketing imagery on the web. Design a new preset format based on JSON to integrate with multiple host apps.

With this new format designed, allow saving of customer user settings within the same panel.


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