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Embracing my role as a product creator for Red Giant, I designed a fun, new motion design plugin that renders arrays of procedural shapes.

My Role:

Product design & prototyping, UI/UX design, Javascript coding, content design and creation.

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This was mainly a challenge to myself to build a fun tool that rendered shapes in a grid. Surprisingly, there are not that many existing tools that do this already. I had several design inspirations in mind that I wanted to try to encapsulate in this product, but the main inspiration was Memphis Group style (a.k.a. old school Saved By the Bell style.)

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I prototyped a plugin that utilizes Canvas HTML5 shape and line drawing, Laying out shapes in a grid, I began to think about: How to apply a variety of shapes? How to greatly vary the color? How to randomize or animate transformations? How about effecting only certain areas?

As the questions arose in my mind, features started to come forth.

Slash Plus (00122).png


As took the idea of grids and lines further, the randomness proved itself incredibly useful. Harmonious color palettes were added, allowing color schemess like triad, complimentary, analogous, etc.

Duotone Triangles 3 (0-00-03-16).png

An “Effector” section was added to allow the user to effect specific sections.


Array Gun is one of the newest products from Red Giant, such that there isn’t any data as of yet. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive from beta users and internal use.

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