Ryan Connoly’s short film “Proximity” is a gritty, dark and somewhat unsparing tale. Also, it needed blinky lights, and that’s where I came in.

In the story, the ankle shackles are pivotal to the storyline. With three lights, they illuminate green, yellow or red based on the proximity to their corresponding partner. It would have been a tedious effort to create these lights practically, so Ryan wisely decided to do it in post. I was enlisted to make the lights illuminate, blink and change color when needed. With the nature of the story, the amount of action, location, and shooting style, these needed a great amount of tracking.

In this video, I break down the various types of effects shots from the film. Some were easy-ish, some were downright W-T-F. But, Mocha and After Effects made it all possible. To see how it was done, you can watch the tutorial.