I took the first step in my career by studying audio engineering at the Fredonia School of Music from 1991 to 1995. It was a diverse and challenging program that combined a music degree with an engineering curriculum. My days were filled with things like writing Bach chorales, practicing marimba etudes, doing calculus problems, soldering wires, and recording artists to a 24 track analog tape deck. I learned that a recording engineer is a creative technician, whose job is to capture pure inspiration— to preserve moments for others to enjoy, and for all of us to draw inspiration from.

That imprint has resonated with me for almost 25 years, as my professional journey has always been a mix of the creative and technical. My sound engineering degree led me to audio post production, which turned to video post production, then to motion graphics. Even though I had no formal background in design, as a freelance motion designer I found myself working in coveted facilities like Digital Kitchen and Blur Studio. It was a crazy ride.

As I got a little older, got married and had a family, the studio grind was wearing me thin. I was looking for a way to shift sideways in my career, and I found that opportunity with Red Giant. Early on I focused on what brought me to the company, and what a lot of people in this industry know me for, which is tutorial creation. I’ve authored countless tutorials, teaching that same mix of technical and creative ideas that bounce around in my head. However, a few years later, the opportunity arose to shift one more time into product development..

Today, I combine all of my skills, my passion and my unique way of thinking into creating tools for artists. I am still capturing those moments of joy and creativity. I design software products that connect with the user, that inspire them to do great things and beautifully capture those creative moments.