There are a lot of plugins in Red Giant Universe, with more on the way. But there’s one in particular that holds a special place in my heart, which is one called GloFi.

Way back when I first started producing tutorials, I came up with a certain combination of effects that I kind of liked using on text. In fact, I used it a lot… on just about every project.  So, I recorded a tutorial on it. The idea combined the Set Matte Filter, along with some noise, color maps and glows, to create an interesting effect. I always thought this could be fine-tuned and turned into a plugin.

I pitched the idea to Red Giant in 2010, with sample projects, flow charts, examples, breakdowns, etc. Everyone loved it. And then it got shelved for 4 years. However, the time for this idea to emerge has finally come! Introducing Red Giant Universe: Glo Fi.

Red Giant Universe Glo Fi is a multi-layer, self animating glow effect. It allows you to add a unique, organic glow with presets and advanced controls to adjust the texture, brightness, size, length and colors of this effect. Basically, it’s a cool text effect. It’s kind of one of those things like Shine or Starglow… if you don’t have any better ideas, throw Glo Fi on it.

So, please know how thrilled I am to have an idea that I’ve had for years actually become a real Red Giant plugin! I co-wrote this plugin with the co-founder of Red Giant, Sean Safreed. And now you can have it FOR FREE. Just download Red Giant Universe and you’ll find it in the free Glow tools.

I’d love to hear any feedback on it!