• Topic:
    Expression Presets
  • Software used:
    Adobe After Effects
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Here is a set of 17 presets that I’ve compiled over the years. I used these often and find them extremely useful. With some of them, they are so old that the code could probably a lot more tidy. But, they work… and they work well. So, I’m not going to mess with it.

Most of them are pretty straightforward. There’s an updated AutoFade that can use markers to cue in/out fade points.

The “bullet” set is a quick and easy way to create bullet points in AE, akin to everyone’s favorite design program, PowerPoint. Select the layer and tap the asterisk key on your keypad to cue the bullet points.

The rest, you can either figure out, or learn about by watching the video.

These are FFX presets. If you don’t know how to install these, please check out the AE help page right here:

Download Graymachine Super Awesome Presets Volume 0001!