• Topic:
    Particle VFX
  • Software used:
    After Effects, Photoshop & Trapcode Particular
  • Level:

In this Episode of Red Giant TV, I show you how to use Trapcode Particular to generate realistic sparks like those seen from bullet hits and ricochets. I’ll also talk about techniques for creating bullet holes and muzzle flashes.

My expression for firing Sparks on the first frame of a layer:

if (inPoint > time) 0 else
 linear (time, inPoint, inPoint + thisComp.frameDuration, 100, 0)

Here is the tutorial on muzzle flashes with Particular:

QuickTip #65: Automated Gun Muzzle Flash Effects – redgiantsoftware.com/videos/quicktips/item/311/

Download links:

Red Giant TV Live – Episode 6: Gun Muzzle Flashes with Trapcode Particular –redgiantsoftware.com/videos/redgianttv/item/274/
FREE Effects Preset: Sparks and Muzzle Flashes – people.redgiantsoftware.com/Explore/PresetDetail.aspx?PresetId=2316
FREE Effects Preset: Automatic Muzzle Flash Presets – people.redgiantsoftware.com/explore/presetdetail.aspx?presetid=2141
FREE Effect Preset: Muzzle Flashes – people.redgiantsoftware.com/Explore/PresetDetail.aspx?PresetId=1982